You are about to begin a unique journey as you read these pages.  I hope that your soul will awaken you with the infinite possibilities that are waiting for you.  You are the alchemist in this process - once you discover that you are a spiritual being with limitless power and nothing can stop you -  once you find that magical doorway to your own empowerment.

Over the past thirty years, I have worked with many people from all walks of life.  As an energy healer, I have removed entities from people's energy fields and their homes and seen my client's lives transform.

I have had the privilege of helping people work through painful emotions as a spiritual counsellor, and many of my clients leave my room smiling for the first time in many months.

Illness is the result of the imbalance, and the different methods I use in energetic kinesiology brings balance to the once-troubled souls,   releasing pain and trapped emotions.

Throughout my life, I have taught and given Reiki to many students, family members and friends.  Reiki for me is the purest natural healing method I know,  but its purity and its exquisite essence of love humbles me every time I use it or have the privilege of passing it on to my students.  I can genuinely say that each time Reiki has been present in my work, there is usually a feeling of having experienced something beautiful.

Healing has been my life and in the following pages, you will see some of the modalities I use to help people transform. All of them are available to you as a client, so please call me on 0438 000366 and take the next step on your healing path.


The Southern School of Reiki

Rosanna Francis is a Reiki Grand Master and offers online Reiki courses for students who find it difficult to attend week-end workshops.  These courses can be completed in your time frame - there are no deadlines and the audio lessons are available 24/7.

Next Steps...

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